Pendarovski does not expect a positive outcome for his country at the European summit

"The outcome of the EU summit in December is clear what it will be, given that we have the precondition in the European negotiating framework and we cannot fulfill it, that is obvious. Meanwhile, unfortunately, due to the intransigence of the opposition, nothing has changed in this direction. And it is clear that there cannot be a positive decision for us at the summit in December."

This was said by the President of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski in response to a journalist's question during a meeting of mayors.

The meeting in December will be of EU leaders for the Western Balkans.

He believes that the condition has not been met and this month the screening ends, and, as stated, this was the main prerequisite for the country to proceed with the second conference. Asked whether he thinks the government and the opposition will agree on the date of the elections and whether the presidential and parliamentary elections will be held together or separately, President Pendarovski expressed the opinion that the views of the government and the opposition are converging and it is possible that they will soon agree on holding the elections in the same time period: "I think that the positions of the government and the opposition are converging, and probably in the coming days we will have an official announcement that an agreement has been reached to hold the parliamentary and presidential elections in the same time period." /BGNES