Turkey arrests drug lord from Croatia

Turkish Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced that Croatian citizen Nenad Petrak, leader of the international drug cartel, was arrested in Istanbul. Yerlikaya reported on social media that Petrak was arrested in Istanbul's Uskudar district.

Petrak is the leader of an international drug cartel that transports drugs from South America to Europe and distributes them throughout Europe. The value of the drugs sold in Croatia is at least 1.6 million euros. The investigation covers 19 Croatian citizens. In addition to the first defendant, Nenad Petrak, an entrepreneur from Zagreb who is wanted for his involvement in the attempted assassination of Josip Chubelic in mid-April this year, Filip Romic, who fled to Dubai but was arrested on his return to Bosnia and Herzegovina, is also accused. "Nenad Petrak, who was tracked by our Anti-Narcotics Unit in Istanbul, the Intelligence Affairs Office and the Border Service under the coordination of the General Directorate of Security, was found to be in Uskudar. Operation KARTEL-2 was immediately launched with the support of the Special Operations Directorate in Istanbul to apprehend an international drug trafficker. "I congratulate our police officers who organized the action," noted Minister Yerlikaya. /BGNES