Green light for the EU's annual budget

The Council today approved the joint text on the EU's general budget for 2024. The joint text was agreed during negotiations with the European Parliament on 11 November. The total amount of assumed obligations is EUR 189,385.4 million, and the total amount of payments is EUR 142,630.3 million.

€360 million has been kept available within the spending ceilings of the current multiannual financial framework for 2021-2027, allowing the EU to respond to unforeseen needs.

"I am pleased that we have reached an agreement on next year's budget. It will allow us to focus on the EU's priority areas, while retaining enough financial freedom to respond to unforeseen circumstances. It also ensures a realistic approach, take into account the current economic and geopolitical context, the interests of taxpayers and the need to meet the new challenges that may arise in 2024," said Esperanza Samblas, Spain's Secretary of State and the Council's chief negotiator for the 2024 EU budget.

Next year's budget strongly reflects the EU's main priorities, including economic recovery and the environmental and digital transition, and responds to the difficult geopolitical context at the moment.

Commitments are legally binding promises to spend funds on activities that take place over several years. /BGNES