Zelensky imposed sanctions on 108 people and 37 Russian groups

President Volodymyr Zelensky has imposed sanctions on 37 Russian groups and 108 people, including a former prime minister and a former education minister, and said he aims to fight the wartime abduction of children from Ukraine and any "Russian terror".

"We are increasing the pressure of our country on them and each of them must be held accountable for what they have done," he said in his evening video address on November 18, after his cabinet issued the corresponding decrees with his signature.

Zelensky does not associate specific individuals or groups with specific offenses. The decrees show a range of ten-year sentences against individuals and five-year sentences against non-profit groups, including one called in English the "Russian Children's Foundation".

In his address, Zelensky states that the list includes "persons involved in the abduction and deportation of Ukrainian children from the occupied territory", as well as persons who "in various ways support Russian terror against Ukraine"./BGNES