19 regional cities elected mayors in the second round of Bulgaria's local elections

19 regional cities elected their mayors in the second round of local elections on November 5. The low voter turnout of 23.72% until 4 p.m. on election day did not prevent the election of the mayors, there were also surprises in some places, reported BGNES.

Metodi Baikushev is the new mayor of Blagoevgrad with 100 percent processed protocols. The “We Continue the Change – Democratic Bulgaria” candidate collected 50.21% of the runoff or 13,611 votes. The former mayor Ilko Stoyanov, supported by GERB, collected 47.24 percent or 12,805 votes. 693 or 2.56% voters do not support anyone.

In Petrich, Dimitar Petrov Bruchkov WCC-DB won 53.10% or 12,319 against Stoyan Nikolov Ruikov from SBOR, who remains in second place with 45.66% or 10,593 votes. In Sandanski Atanas Slavchev Stoyanov - independent won the first place with 50.61% or 9,054 votes. Second was Stoyan Kostadinov Stoev WCC-DB with 47.92% or 8,572 votes.

In Nessebar, the independent Nikolay Kirilov Dimitrov won first place with 56.33% or 6,170 votes against Ivan Nikolov Dashev's Bulgarian Union for Direct Democracy, which came second with 42.17% or 4,619 votes.

With 100% processed SIC protocols at 06:00 at the runoff in our maritime capital, Blagomir Kotsev from PP-DB won the mayoral seat, for whom 45,395 people voted /53.06%/. GERB candidate Ivan Portnich finished second with nearly 10,000 fewer votes, winning 41.52% of the vote.

In Byala, Varna, Yordanka Yankova Kostadinova WCC-DB won with 53.33% or 72 votes, second was Penka Yancheva Yaneva from Citizens for the Municipality with 45.93% or 62 votes. In Provadia, Dimo Vladimirov Dimov WCC-DB won with 57.28% or 4,023 votes.

In Veliko Tarnovo, Daniel Dimitrov Panov WCC-DB won with 53.20% or 11,065 votes, against Yordan Ivov Terziyski from PP-DB with 42.30% or 8,798 votes. In Gorna Oryahovitsa, Nikolay Angelov Rashkov from Direct Democracy won with 49.99% or 7,092 votes, second was Dobromir Stoykov Dobrev WCC-DB with 47.00% or 6,668 votes.

In Vidin, Tsvetan Petrov Tsenkov from UDF (NDSV, NOVOTO VREME) won with 57.28% or 9,389 votes, second was Alexander Filchev Mateev from WCC-DB with 39.92% or 6,543 votes. In Belogradchik Boyan Minkov Ivanov MK BSP FOR BULGARIA won with 54.13% or 1,620 votes against Boris Stefanov Nikolov from PP-DB with 43.90% or 1,314 votes.

In Mezdra, the independent Ivan Asparuhov Tsanov won with 51.78% or 3,894 votes against Gennady Sabkov Sabkov BSP FOR BULGARIA with 45.97% or 3,457 votes.

In Gabrovo, the first place was won by Tanya Venkova Hristova WCC-DB with 66.58% or 8,570 votes against Daniel Petrov Petrov from Vazrazhdane with 28.86% or 3,715 votes. In Sevlievo, Ivan Todorov Ivanov WCC-DB won with 59.87% or 5,566 votes against Svetlana Ivanova Georgieva from Citizens for the Municipality with 37.60% or 3,496 votes. In Tryavna, Dencho Veselinov Minev WCC-DB won with 51.59% or 1,733 votes against Silvia Krasteva Krasteva

PP "VMRO-Bulgarian National Movement" with 44.54% or 1,496 votes.

In Dobrich, Yordan Toshkov Yordanov MK DBG won with 50.72% or 9,071 votes against Krasimir Hristov Nikolov WCC-DB with 45.04% or 8,055 votes. In Balchik, Nikolay Dobrev Angelov from the Initiative Committee won with 68.29% or 3,909 votes, in second place was Parsek Sarkis Salbashyan from PP-DB with 29.16% or 1,669 votes. In Kavarna, Elena Mateeva Baltajieva MK VMRO - BND (ITN, BR) won with 60.85% or 3,318 votes against Tsonko Zdravkov Tsonev Novoto vreme with 37.10% or 2,023 votes.

In Kyustendil, Ognyan Ognyanov Atanasov of the GREEN Party won with 68.63% or 15,319 votes against Petar Georgiev Paunov of the GERB Local Coalition with 29.61% or 6,609 votes. In Dupnitsa, Parvan Angelov Dangov BSP FOR BULGARIA won with 61.04% or 8,959 votes against Metodi Hristov Chimev WCC-DB with 36.49% or 5,356 votes. In Sapareva Banya, Kalin Georgiev Gelev WCC-DB won with 53.14% or 2,092 votes against Vasil Georgiev Margin from MK PP-DB with 44.73% or 1,761 votes.

In Lovech, Stracimir Veselinov Petkov PP IMA TAKUV NAROD (PP BULGARIAN RISE) won with 51.76% or 7,425 votes against Valentina Stefanova Nedyalkova GERB /UDF/ with 45.60% or 6,541 votes.

In Berkovitsa, Radoslav Georgiev Naydenov MK BSP FOR BULGARIA won with 49.27% or 3,230 votes against Dimitranka Zamfirova Kamenova WCC-DB with 47.03% or 3,083 votes.

In Pazardzhik, Petar Nikolaev Kulenski of the PP-DB won with 53.94% or 17,702 votes, Todor Dimitrov Popov of the "NEW TIME" local coalition came in second place with 43.95% or 14,425 votes. In Panagyurishte, the independent Zhelyazko Ivanov Gagov won with 49.71% or 4,576 votes, the second Nikola Ivanov Belishki WCC-DB remained one hundredths of the first - 49.41% or 4,548 votes.

In Radomir, Kiril Georgiev Stoev Local Coalition "PP-DB Coalition" /BZNS, VMRO-BND/ won with 63.01% or 4,300 votes against Plamen Stankov Alexiev Local Coalition GERB (UDF) with 34.73% or 2,370 votes.

In Pleven, Valentin Ventsislavov Hristov WCC-DB won with 63.62% or 21,824 votes, second was Georg Leonidov Spartanski from the Initiative Committee with 33.51% or 11,494 votes. In Nikopol, Emil Asenov Tsekov BSP FOR BULGARIA won with 60.45% or 2,337 votes against Ahmed Mehmedov Ahmedov from DPS with 34.87% or 1,348 votes.