A report on the European funds spent by Serbia is being prepared in the EP

The parliamentary group of the Greens in the EP is preparing a report on how the government in Serbia spends funding from the European budget.
The report will demand that the financial aid be canceled or reviewed if election theft is proven, an EU diplomatic source told Serbian newspaper Danas.
On February 8, the EP overwhelmingly adopted a resolution in which point 27 requests the European Commission to cancel financial aid to Serbia if the international mission (provided President Aleksandar Vucic accepts it) finds that the elections were stolen.
According to "Danas", the report currently being prepared should be published at the end of this month.
"The very request for an investigation into the spending of funds is pressure in itself, because unlike Serbia, citizens of any EU country are very 'suspicious' when they hear that it is even suspected, let alone found, that someone mismanaged taxpayers' money or misappropriated it," the diplomatic source said. /BGNES