Aleksander Vulin: Vucic unites Serbs from Macedonia to Bosnia


Aleksandar Vulin: Vucic unites Serbs from Macedonia to Bosnia
Serbian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Vulin vowed to implement the geopolitical project "Serbian World" in the Balkans, BGNES reported.

The president's right-hand man, Aleksandar Vucic, described the All-Serbian Assembly in Belgrade on June 8 as a huge success and said that Vucic's achievements surpassed those of the Karadjordjevic royal dynasty.

"Serbian world" is our reality and our path. When we know this, we will also know what our relations are with the EU, NATO, BRICS. The process of unification has started and it cannot be stopped," said the former head of the Serbian Security and Information Service (BIA), quoted by Politika.

The deputy prime minister called Vucic the "president of all Serbs".

"What the Karadjordjevics failed to do was achieved by the President of All Serbs Aleksandar Vucic and the President of the Republika Srpska (RS) Milorad Dodik." Serbs have become a unique political people who are aware of themselves, their interests and the space in which they live. The Serbs confirmed that the Serbian national question can only be resolved as a unified process. The issue of Kosovo is inseparable from the issue of the Republika Srpska, and the position of the Serbs in Montenegro is no less significant than the position of the Serbs in North Macedonia, Croatia or Slovenia," stressed Alexander Vulin.

The Deputy Prime Minister indicated that within the framework of the All-Serbian Assembly and the general government meeting, the Serbian Orthodox Church (SOC) for the first time expressed gratitude to Serbs of other faiths (Catholics and Muslims) for "everything they have done for the Serbian people".

"We are one nation and no Serb should be outside the national being, regardless of whether he believes in God according to Orthodox, Islamic or Catholic teachings.

A few days ago, Vučić also issued a threat to Serbia's neighboring countries.

"The Balkans will be safe and peaceful only when the Serbs are united and stable," he said.

BGNES recalls that in 2023, Alexander Vulin was put on the US "black list" for drug trafficking, illegal arms deals, corruption and channeling Russian interests in the Balkans. Within the same year, he was awarded the Order of the Russian Federation, personally by the director of the Russian Federal Security Service and a general in the Russian army, Alexander Bortnikov. | BGNES