Alicia Kearns: The West's error with Russia is being repeated in Serbia

"The worrisome standoff between Kosovo and Serbia is partly due to the West's focus on not provoking Belgrade after Russia's invasion of Ukraine," said Alicia Kearns, a member of the British parliament According to her, the West's error with Russia is being repeated with Serbia, as "Koha" reported.

The chairperson of the United Kingdom's Parliamentary Foreign Affairs Committee has stated that the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Italy should withdraw sanctions against Kosovo and abandon the Belgrade-centered policy.

"The West is demonstrating the failure of having a foothold in the Balkans, and we are also demonstrating that we have not learned the lessons of previous efforts to contain Russia." We have made it our top goal not to upset or agitate Russia to the detriment of those around it. "The same thing happens in the Western Balkans," she explained.

Kearns was the first worldwide voice to warn about the arrival of Serbian armaments in Kosovo. She openly said earlier this year that Serbian terrorists were carrying firearms inside Serbian Orthodox churches. In September, Serbian paramilitary formations sought cover near the Ban monastery in Zvechan and fought Kosovo police. Three assailants from the cell that coordinated the terrorist attack were murdered in the ensuing police operation after killing police officer Afrim Bunyaku. Police in Kosovo seize heavy weaponry worth millions of dollars. Former vice-chairman of "Serbska lista" (the party of Kosovo Serbs - ed.) Milan Radojcic claimed responsibility for the attack. Serbia seized him but later freed him on the condition that he not leave Serbia.

"The weapons were brought into Kosovo by ambulances from Serbia and stored in churches." And what did we discover? Weapons that appear to have originated in Serbia... On the day of the assault, two of the terrorists murdered were ambulance drivers. And where did he go? "In a monastery," the British MP explained.

Kearns also discussed the weaponry she observed in Kosovo. She stated that what she seen demonstrated that it was not a random grouping. Because of the allegations, Serbian President Vucic has requested that a probe into Kearns be launched. Vucic's actions, she said, revealed his confusion regarding her comments.

The British MP has warned that the situation is still volatile.

"There is no evidence that organized crime groups in Kosovo have ceased operations." There are no indications that Serbia has abandoned its hopes for Kosovo. "The international system is complicit in the claim that there are no organized crime groups in the vicinity of Kosovo," she stated.

Kearns urged that the West must utilize the evidence it possesses to combat the arms smuggling network.

"The international community had evidence - and it is possible that some of it will be published," she said. "The problem is the pacification of Belgrade" .

Kearns requested that the West apply pressure on Belgrade.

"We cannot accept the premise that Serbia will never recognize Kosovo," she said. "Kosovo cannot abandon its pursuit of full Western integration." /BGNES