Ana Brnabic: We accepted two of the three demands of the opposition

Serbian Parliament Speaker Ana Brnabic said today that the ruling coalition has accepted two of the three demands of the opposition - to form an independent commission to control and audit the electoral rolls and the public service to start reporting objectively and the results to be equally accessible to all.

Brnabic pointed out that the only demand they could not accept was that elections in Belgrade and in those localities where elections were not held in December should be held on the same day, Politika daily reported.

"We cannot accept the third point because it goes deep into democratic norms and principles, because it is asking to forcibly shorten or extend someone's mandate. Then you have neither a constitution nor a democracy. We came out to meet the previous government and city assembly because we shortened the term by three years because the elections were in 2022," the Speaker said. / BGNES