Athens: We are negotiating with "Gazprom", the Bulgarian taxes do not affect the price

The Greek state gas company DEPA is negotiating with Gazprom for the supply of Russian gas for next year. This was reported by the Greek portal "Economicos Tahidromos".

Greek Minister of Energy and Ecology Theodoros Skilakakis confirmed this information. The two companies negotiate the price and specify the purchase during the so-called condition "take or pay", for payment of fines for the quantities, regardless of the undertaken commitments, which the Greek company has not received. In this statement of Skilakakis, there is some concern about the selling price of Russian natural gas, but above all about its percentage in the Greek market.

"Europe managed to reduce the amount of Russian gas from 40% to 9%." The situation in Greece is different," Skilakakis said, but refused to state the exact share of Gazprom's Russian gas in the country's consumption.

"Ikonomicos Tahidromos" claims that this year Russian gas, which arrives through the "Turkish Stream" and by sea, represents 40% of the total import of "blue fuel" in Greece. "However, according to some unconfirmed data, this percentage has significantly increased and has reached 60%," the publication also writes.

Theodoros Skilakakis explicitly emphasized that the transit fees introduced by Bulgaria do not affect the agreement between DEPA and Gazprom. He refused to answer the question whether it is possible to stop deliveries of Russian gas to Greece. /BGNES