EC: The European path of the RSM depends on constitutional changes

"Skopje must make the promised constitutional changes to continue on its path of European integration."

This was stated by EC spokesperson Ana Pisonero regarding the statements of the new government of North Macedonia, led by VMRO-DPMNE leader Hristiyan Mitskoski, BGNES reported.

Mickoski requested a change in the Negotiation Framework with the European Union. He stated that he would not change the country's Constitution to include Bulgarians in it.

The Prime Minister claims that "the path that has been followed so far is wrong and a solution must be sought".

"We are ready to sit down and find a solution with the government in Bulgaria. Let's talk about everything, about the possible risks... Statements that we still need to do this or that are unacceptable. We have done a lot for European values, but we have received zero", he stated.

Pisonero emphasized that the European Council has clearly presented its expectations from Skopje, which are directly related to the promised constitutional changes.

"The Prespa agreement must be respected and implemented by all politicians in North Macedonia," she added. | BGNES