Erdogan is the most authoritative leader in the countries of the Western Balkans

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the most respected leader in the Western Balkans, according to a survey conducted in the countries of the region - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia and Kosovo.

The regional study "Western Balkans" is organized by the International Republican Institute.

The survey asked citizens of these countries questions such as "What is the most important problem facing your country today?", "Which problem should be the highest priority for the government?" and "Which of the following world and regional leaders do you rate positively?".

A majority of citizens who took part in the survey said that the most important problem facing their country and the most important priority for the government to address was "economic conditions and the cost of living".

Erdogan is admired in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and North Macedonia

In Albania, 71% of citizens surveyed said they had a positive opinion of President Erdogan, while US President Joe Biden came in second with 64% and Chinese President Xi Jinping came in third with 14%.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, 61% of respondents to the same question have a positive opinion of Erdogan's performance, while Russian President Vladimir Putin, US President Biden and Chinese President Xi remain at 37% each.

In Montenegro, Erdogan is in first place with 56%, Putin in second place with 50%, and Xi in third place with 46%.

In North Macedonia, Erdogan is again the most admired leader at 66%, followed by Putin at 49%, Biden at 37% and Xi at 35%.

In Serbia, Putin is the most respected leader with 80%, Xi is second with 73% and President Erdogan is third with 41%.

In Kosovo, Biden is the most respected leader with 85%, and Erdogan is second with 82%.

1216 people from Albania, 1225 people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1220 people from North Macedonia, 1036 people from Montenegro, 1238 people from Serbia and 1203 people from Kosovo participated in the survey./BGNES