Gerapetritis: North Macedonia must unconditionally comply with the Treaty of Prespa

The Prespa Agreement must be fully and consistently respected. The citizens of North Macedonia would not want to jeopardise relations with Greece and the country's European future.

This is what Greek Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis told the local edition "Real news".

Regarding the three memoranda, which are part of the Prespa Treaty and have not yet been ratified by the Greek parliament, Gerapetritis said the following. According to him, "their ratification depends on the consistent and full implementation of the Treaty of Prespa", because besides the issue of the constitutional name, there are other issues still pending.

"The truth is that we want to submit these memoranda for ratification because we, too, support in principle the European path of North Macedonia. But, this cannot happen if there is no full implementation of the Prespa Treaty. We should not forget that the implementation of the Treaty is a clear condition for the accession process of North Macedonia", the diplomat No 1 of Athens said.

Regarding the reaction for the behaviour of the new President of North Macedonia, Gordana Silyanovska Davkova, during the swearing-in ceremony, when she mentioned only Macedonia and not the Republic of North Macedonia, he said the following: the reaction was very quick, multidirectional and efficient.

Gerapetritis recalled that besides the reaction of the Greek Foreign Ministry, there were reactions from the President of the European Council, the President of the European Commission, the spokesperson of the European Commission and representatives of other foreign ministries, who were "mobilised and informed on the initiative of the Greek Foreign Ministry".

"The political leadership of North Macedonia is now under internal pressure. The local Foreign Ministry issued a statement that the Prespa Treaty, the constitutional name, must be respected, and the Justice Ministry in Skopje described the oath as unconstitutional. It is my belief that the citizens of Northern Macedonia would not want to jeopardise relations with Greece and the country's European future. It is clear that in all international forums we raise the issues of respect for the Treaty of Prespa and demand its full respect and implementation," Gerapetritis stressed. / BGNES