High school students accused Vucic of trying to buy their votes through state aid

On Pink TV, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic announced that the state will provide new "help" for certain groups of citizens in Serbia. This time it is the turn of the high school students, because among them there are those who will vote on December 17.

"Today, Ana Brnabic, Sinisa Mali and I talked about some additional measures. In the next 10 days, the state will transfer money to the local self-government units, which will pay 10,000 dinars to each high school student," Vucic said, announcing the new funds from the state budget for the needs of the Serbian Progressive Party in the upcoming elections.

Vuk Cvetkovic from the informal association of high school students "I mi se pitamo" sees such a message as buying votes. He added that it is obvious that the government is weakening and that Vucic is trying to win the votes and support of the youth in this way.

"This is done through classic political manipulation, where attention is attracted through financial means. I would tell him that in Serbia there are schools without heating, professors who work on contracts for years and students who are afraid to express their opinions because of fear from the regime. Until these things change, you will not get the youth support you so desperately want."

High school student Luka Babic believes that the new acquisitions are disrespectful not only to young people, but also to the entire population.

"In this way, Vucic showed that young people are susceptible to corruption and that it is possible to be bribed." The question arises from where he has the right to distribute money in this way, and what is the official purpose of this in the first place. He does not have the right to distribute money in this way, nor does it make any sense, and it is even more insulting that he does it exclusively before elections."

That he is not trying to "bribe" and "buy" only the high school students (at least those with the right to vote), but also their parents, we heard from the president himself last night.

"We think that this is a very important measure before the holidays, so that parents can please their children with gifts," said Vucic, explaining the announced state aid.

The president showed the same willingness to bribe earlier this year, a few months before the election. Two months ago, he distributed "state aid" in the same amount - 10,000 dinars - to children up to the age of 16. As before, this will be done through the parents. It was announced that the payment of the money to high school students would be made through their mothers, and if the minor lives with his father, through the father. Also, high school students who live in foster families will receive money through their foster parents.

The number of those who will receive an aid of 10,000 dinars this time is about 235,000, which means that about 2,350,000,000 dinars will be allocated from the state budget for the needs of the campaign of the progressives./BGNES