Kim Mehmeti: Bulgarians in Macedonia live in pre-election solitude

Presidential and parliamentary elections are coming up in the Republic of Macedonia. As a result, local political parties began to develop strategies to come to power to lead this country where politics is the most profitable business and where most rulers operate according to the communist principle that to become a capitalist you have to rob your people. In other words, everything can change in the state, but not the cost of one voter, which should not exceed that of a sheep. With this, all the prerequisites are created for building a democracy according to the rule that one party fool represents a hundred smart citizens and one thieving official robs a thousand honest people.

This year's battle of the Macedonian and Albanian political parties to strengthen pre-election coalitions is marked by their attempt to win over the parties of smaller ethnic communities, with which their party leaders suddenly "twin" with Turks, Roma, Serbs, and Bosniaks. .. But unfortunately not towards the Bulgarians, probably because in the today's Republic of Macedonia saying something good about them is tantamount to treason?!

But while it is "understandable" for Macedonian parties this attitude towards Bulgarians who want to change their "birth certificate", it is strange that Albanian political parties are guided by "Serbian" political wisdom and avoid doing what is expected in these areas and during today's regional and global upheavals - to restore the age-old friendly ties with the Bulgarian people.

Yes, in pre-election Macedonia, the Albanian and Macedonian political parties strengthen their electoral muscles through coalitions with the parties of the Turks, the Roma, the Serbs... but not with the Bulgarian ones. As a result, the Bulgarians here are left to experience their pre-election loneliness and feel like an unimportant political factor.

And this pre-election political loneliness of theirs best reveals the truth of why the Bulgarians are silenced here and why, to survive, they are often forced to use the formula invented by some resourceful Macedonians: live in your ethnic camp and be baptized in a church, but so you can get a job, he announced himself as an Albanian who worships in a mosque.

After all, in the Republic of Macedonia, you are nobody and nothing if you don't have your "assistants" to represent you in state institutions and if you don't have your political party to hire you. And in this country, you feel the full weight of unhappiness when you exist, but you are not there politically, and when those who want to present themselves as different from what they decide for you.

Yes, the presidential and parliamentary elections are approaching in Macedonia. The Macedonian parties promise that they will not succumb to "Bulgarian pressure", and the Albanian parties swear allegiance to the state. Both of them do not want to face the truth that their country is increasingly rotting from within. The citizens of this country increasingly feel like mere numbers that have value only during periodic censuses and when electioneering begins.

And when the pre-election battle begins in the Republic of Macedonia, no one is interested in yesterday's feuds and accusations, nor in the ethnicity of the voters. This is not unusual in a country where not only the party but also ethnic affiliation changes seasonally. As happened, for example, with the Orthodox Albanians from Gorna Reka and with many Bulgarians, who, after having mentally "bitten" them, assimilated them and turned them into ethnic Macedonians. /BGNES

Kim Mehmeti is a Macedonian publicist, journalist and public figure of Albanian origin. The analysis was written specifically for the BGNES Agency.