Lyubcho Neshkov: Macedonia has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for independence

Macedonia could join the European Union today. With its authentic name - the Republic of Macedonia - it may be a member of the European family. Macedonia today might be held to a higher standard than Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All of this could have happened if only...

- At the start of Serbian assault against all former southern republics in the early 1990s, there were true MACEDONIAN leaders who would distinguish themselves from Serbian chauvinism and establish the groundwork for a truly independent state. He did not play with the most notorious war criminal of the Cold War, Slobodan Milosevic, and he did not take part in international schemes to promote post-Yugoslav unification, such as the Gligorov-Izetbegovic platform.

- Led nationally responsible negotiations with Greece's rulers to safeguard its sovereignty and name. At best, Athens would agree to a name change for international use.

- It did not develop a new foreign philosophy following Serbian Macedonianism, namely antiquization.

- Following the overthrow of the most twisted and corrupt dictatorship in 2016, it embarked on the path of constructing his own MACEDONIAN foundations for his own country.

Our western neighbour escaped destruction several times: during the Serbian looting - financial, military, and economic - in the 1990s; during the Greek embargo; during the Serbian deportation of over 300,000 Kosovo Albanians in 1999; and during the Belgrade-instigated internal conflict in 2001.

Foreign participation bled the fledgling country. Macedonia is the only former southern republic that does not exploit the emotion of independence to create a new state. She murdered her country's love, naturally expelled her youth, and compelled her to seek her happiness elsewhere. He purposely established in his own people a sense of inferiority and complexity in comparison to Europe's most rudimentary dictatorship, that of Belgrade. He instilled animosity for Bulgarians and Albanians, as well as affection for his enslaver, whose misdeeds he refuses to divulge to his compatriots even a century later.

For Macedonia, the list of squandered opportunities and crimes against its own country may go on for years.

Today, the authorities in Skopje, as well as the entire state apparatus, including all institutions, opposition and power, are once again united in the service of foreign interests.

They poison people's souls with anti-European propaganda using European funds. They argue that the EU is on the verge of collapsing. They legalised the selling of their church by the Greeks to their greatest spiritual foe, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the major tool of the Greater Serbia / Serbian World goal!

The clock is rapidly ticking. The days are evaporating. The hours pass inexorably. Minutes remain until a momentous decision that will either pave the route to true liberation /the hard way/ or plunge Macedonia back into a new modern enslavement of poverty, complexism, soul-wrenching hatred, and a suicidal political future for its imposed political elite.

Dear neighbours, you have the opportunity to become true Macedonians. To be truly liberated. To live without loathing your own past and, more importantly, your own, certainly better future. /BGNES

Lyubcho Neshkov,  BGNES Agency.