Macedonian UN ambassador accused of financial misuse

The Macedonian ambassador to the UN, Ljubomir Frchkoski, has been accused of a number of financial abuses, BGNES reported.

Frchkoski has been summoned for consultations at North Macedonia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade, the Foreign Ministry confirmed to Channel 5.

The diplomat is suspected to have misappropriated material funds, violated the rules of diplomatic service, and failed to follow government instructions.

BGNES reminds that Frchkoski was a full-time employee of the Yugoslav secret services. Subsequently, he was successively Minister of Interior (1992-1996) and Minister of Foreign Affairs (1996-1997) of the Republic of Macedonia, as well as an adviser to President Boris Trajkovski.

After the assassination of President Kiro Gligorov on 3 October 1995, a massive persecution of Bulgarians began in the country, including arrests and physical attacks against them. Frchkoski organized a massive campaign against Bulgaria and claimed that a "Bulgarian business group" was involved in the assassination. Gligorov himself later rejected these claims. Frchkoski is very close to the long-time deputy of ex-PM Lyubcho Georgievski in VMRO-DPMNE, Dosta Dimovska.

In March 2009, Frchkoski was the presidential candidate proposed by the Social Democratic Union /SDSM/.

Fraczkowski's mission to the UN started with a scandal in March 2022, when former President Stevo Pendarovski signed the decree appointing him. However, Frchkoski did not present his platform to the parliamentary foreign affairs committee, as then committee chairman Antonio Milososki of VMRO-DPMNE twice refused to schedule a meeting.

Then the head of state explained that the procedure for the appointment of an ambassador ends with the defense of the candidates' theses before the Foreign Ministry, which Frchkoski did back in 2021. | BGNES