Mitsotakis: The use of the constitutional name of North Macedonia is mandatory and non-negotiable

"The use of the constitutional name of North Macedonia, erga omnes, is fundamental, based on the Prespa agreement, and this is non-negotiable."
This was stated by the Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis. His words came during a discussion in Washington with former US ambassador to Athens Daniel Spechart, Kathimerini reported.
Mitsotakis said that the problem in the Balkans is that very often the specter of nationalism rises when no one expects it. Giving North Macedonia as an example, the Greek Prime Minister noted that North Macedonia "is a member of NATO today because Greece lifted its veto after the Prespa Agreement signed and ratified by the previous government".
"We have clearly stated that this is an international agreement that binds the country. We respected that and I respect that. One of the main, if not the most, aspect of this agreement had to do with the name North Macedonia being used erga omnes. And this is something that is very clear and non-negotiable for Greece," Mitsotakis added.
"When I hear that the new government calls the country the Republic of Macedonia within the country, I have serious concerns. And this is a topic I intend to explore. It is not constructive and does not help North Macedonia's European path," said the Prime Minister. | BGNES