North Macedonia dismisses two ministers

With 62 votes in favour and no votes against, the National Assembly of North Macedonia dismissed the ministers of health and information society and administration, Fatmir Medjiti and Azir Aliu. VMRO-DPMNE deputies were not present at the vote.
Majithi and Aliu were dismissed on the proposal of Technical Prime Minister Talat Jafferi. He said from the parliamentary rostrum that according to the law there cannot be two opposition subjects in the government and that this was the main reason why their replacement was proposed.
The removal of the two ministers followed a split in the Alliance for Albanians after the party's current chairman, Arben Tarawari, demanded the support of the membership for a coalition with the Albanian opposition bloc in the upcoming elections, to which former chairman Ziyadin Sela and his supporters disagreed. Medjiti and Aliu support Tarawari.
The current director of the Clinical Hospital in Tetovo, Ilir Demiri, has been proposed as the new Minister of Health, and Naim Bajrami as Minister of Information Society and Administration. Their nominations will be voted on Monday, 12 February. / BGNES