North Macedonia has increased the number of soldiers in KFOR

On October 24, the government of North Macedonia decided to increase the number of soldiers in KFOR, "KoSSev" reported.

The meeting on Tuesday was told that the decision to send military personnel from the North Macedonian army to participate in the KFOR mission had been changed, increasing the number from the previous 70 to 101.

As announced on the website of the government of North Macedonia, the decision was made based on the recommendations of "senior military representatives in NATO and the conclusions reached at the meeting of the chiefs of general staff of the member countries of the initiative for cooperation in the field of defense in order to strengthen of security in the Republic of Kosovo".

Initially, 70 servicemen from the Macedonian army were expected to remain in KFOR for a period of six months - from November 2023 to May 2024, and now it is 101 servicemen from the RSM army.

Before that, KFOR was reinforced with battalions from Romania, Bulgaria and Great Britain./BGNES