Osmani: History will punish those who miss our chance for European integration

So far, I cannot say that this process will not succeed. A month and a half in politics is a long period in which great things can be done. But in the end we will point out those who will waste this historic opportunity and will be the cause of all the consequences that this country will have because of this missed opportunity, said the Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Macedonia Buyar Osmani on the expectations of the summit of European Union leaders for The Western Balkans, which will be held in December.

In response to a journalist's question, Osmani said that the start of negotiations is the most difficult process and he will not stop working "until the last second" because "we have no alternative". "And that's why everyone who thinks about people should not stop believing and trying to open this process, which has no alternative for all of us. But sometimes we feel like Don Quixote and fight against all the injustices that try to hinder the state," Osmani said after presenting a postage stamp on the occasion of the upcoming OSCE Ministerial Council in Skopje.

When asked if he expected changes in the views of the opposition, Osmani said that the behavior of the opposition is to think only about the next elections and, as he said, "while our future is at stake, we are fully committed to who will be the minister and who will be Prime Minister". History will punish those people who miss and squander this historic chance before us. But we will fight to the end to be able to make a breakthrough, said the head of diplomacy. /BGNES