Serbian director Kusturica to Putin: Thank you, the war in Ukraine is our battle

Russian President Vladimir Putin personally received Serbian director Emir Kusturica in the Kremlin.

"Your view of history is extremely interesting and productive. Art supports the reality of life, which today is just a forgotten past," Putin said during the conversation with Kusturica, who in turn announced that he would "make several movies about Russia ". "These ideas are very interesting and we should talk about them," Putin replied.

Kusturica thanked Putin for the "historical justice" he is leading now. "What is happening today in Ukraine is a struggle for ourselves. I want to thank you for your personal historical justice, which we Slavs have had since time immemorial," said the Serbian director. "The expulsion of 230,000 Serbs from Croatia and what is happening today is a very important analogy for all of us," Kusturica also said. /BGNES