Turkey detains 147 people in nationwide operation against "Islamic State"

In a nationwide operation called "Heroes-49", the Turkish authorities detained 147 people suspected of having links with the Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria, Sabah reported.
The operation was carried out in 33 provinces, Interior Minister Ali Yerlikaya announced on social networks. The large-scale initiative is part of Turkey's ongoing efforts to combat IS and suppress further militancy within its borders.
Last month, a Turkish citizen was the victim of a brutal attack by two IS gunmen at the Santa Maria Catholic Church in Istanbul. Following this attack, Turkish police successfully apprehended the suspected attackers, demonstrating their commitment to justice and public safety.
The operation saw a significant number of arrests in Ankara with 8 and Izmir with 11.
Yerlikaya reaffirmed the Turkish government's commitment to eradicating terrorism. Highlighting the efforts of the country's security forces to maintain national peace and unity, he said the fight against terrorism would continue with unwavering determination until the last terrorist was neutralized. /BGNES