59% of Bulgarians support remaining in NATO

59% of Bulgarians believe that our country should remain part of NATO, reported a BGNES reporter. According to this indicator, Bulgaria ranks second to last, and only in Slovenia the percentage of those wishing to remain in NATO is lower - 58%, according to a study by the Alliance.
The highest percentage was recorded in Albania, where 98% of respondents answered positively to the question of whether they wanted their country to remain part of the defense alliance.
56% of our compatriots think that membership in NATO brings more security for Bulgaria. The leader in this indicator is Denmark with 83%, and the last place is France with 50%.
Only 42% of Bulgarians said that Bulgaria should defend another NATO country if attacked. Only Iceland (37%) and North Macedonia (35%) report lower results on this indicator. The first place goes to Norway with 79%.
According to 55% of Bulgarians, membership in the alliance makes an attack by another country less likely, and 61% of our compatriots point out that the country should maintain or increase its military spending, with only Albania reporting a higher percentage of this indicator (81%).
Regarding the war in Ukraine, 22% of Bulgarians are strongly convinced that the Russian invasion has worsened the global security situation. Leaders in this indicator are Poland and the three Baltic republics. Only 5% of Bulgarians firmly believe that the media in their country tell them the truth about the situation in Ukraine, and this percentage is lower only in Hungary (4%) and Greece (3%). 18% of Bulgarians strongly support the provision of aid to Kyiv, with Albania being the first by this criterion with 67%. | BGNES