Bulgarian Football Union Head Mihailov refused to resign after the interrogation by the Bulgarian Anti-Corruption Commission

Next week I will say what I intend to do before. This was stated by the president of the Bulgarian Football Union, Borislav Mihailov, after his questioning at the Anti-Corruption Commission, a BGNES reporter reported.

We remind you that Mihailov was summoned today, after this morning the prosecutor's office announced that it had self-referred and would check the management of the Bulgarian Football Uunion for spending public funds and the "black lottery". The reason for the reaction of the prosecutor's office was the public dissatisfaction after yesterday's bloody protest against the management of the headquarters. The interrogation of Mihailov lasted several hours.

"Next week I will say what I intend to do before," said Mihailov on his way out of the prosecutor's office.

"Inside I talked about all topics. I have morals,” he added.

Regarding yesterday's match and the scandal that preceded it with the initial move to Plovdiv, the variant in Kardzhali and the final decision to be held in the capital, the former international said: "That's exactly why UEFA said no audience", referring to the vandalism that occurred on the part of supporters and the response of law enforcement officers in the center of Sofia during the protest against the leadership of the football union. /BGNES