Borisov: A government with only the first mandate, the last in elections cannot say who will be the experts

Low voter turnout is something that worries everyone.

In the last 11 elections, this sense of oversaturation, of competition between parties, has already reached its peak. The results of GERB are good, the problem is that this electoral system also takes MPs from the big parties and transfers them to the smaller ones, and the parties behave as if there are upcoming elections, not how to form a government. This was stated by GERB leader Boyko Borisov during the consultations with President Radev on forming a cabinet, BGNES reported.

The penultimate and last ones set the conditions and outline how the mandates will move. In practice, it turns out that there is no way to form a government. The voters of GERB do not want GERB to win, but someone else to represent us and take on the liabilities. The penultimate and last cannot say who the experts will be. With 68 deputies, I don't see how anything can happen except with the first mandate, there is no way to have a government with the second or third mandate, stressed Borisov. Yesterday, There is such People political party (ITN) heard what he said, and this predetermines our going to the elections, Borisov added. /BGNES