Borisov: We bear our responsibility and will offer a minority government

We bear the responsibility and will propose a government, most likely after talking with other colleagues, and it will be of the minority, said Boyko Borisov, BGNES reported.

I will be with the candidate for prime minister who will take the mandate folder, said Borisov.

The elections are over, and everyone is in a pre-election trap, nobody cares about stability in Bulgaria, Bulgaria is a donor to the EU. Did you realize that Bulgaria is a donor, we give more money than we take.

The fact that we have 1% absorption and 3.7 according to the other plan is not a topic, does it matter who will become prime minister when billions are irretrievably lost, Borissov emphasized. How to support for example the penultimate one? 

This will be extremely unstable, specified the leader of GERB. Now that Trifonov is second to last, he wants to dominate, I think we should calm down, we have 1-2 weeks, the elections are a bad decision. But let's take a step back if they want to have a government, Borisov also said. GERB as the first political force should have a prime minister, defense and foreign ministry. 

We haven't predetermined anything, but if that's why someone has to tell us who it should be, it's better to go to elections, Borisov also pointed out. /BGNES