Boyko Borisov: Nobody has helped Putin more than "We continue the change-Democratic Bulgaria"

It turned out that these 10 months have not done any diversification. How do the voters of WCC and DB explain that every day between 8 and 10 million cubic meters of Russian gas enter Bulgaria? Is that what diversification means to them? Excuse me. This is what GERB leader Boyko Borisov said, BGNES correspondent reports from Plovdiv.

"3 years of Russian oil with derogation. Now look outside, are the prices the same for diesel and petrol?! Without derogation - the same. Did 7 billion dollars go to Putin? They did. What is this nonsense about who helped Putin. No one more than them. With these committees they are making, everything is coming out," Borisov added.

He urged that the Botas contract should not be dismissed lightly. "If someone had a mind in this country and we were thinking like statesmen, we would examine this contract very carefully. The war in Ukraine will continue and as Russian oil is banned, so will Russian gas," the GERB leader said, adding, "Then my foresight to buy 20% of the Alexandroupolis terminal, the huge infrastructure of the Balkan gas hub or the Balkan Stream along with liquefied natural gas ports in Turkey - give Bulgaria an extremely geostrategic opportunity to diversify 100% Ukraine when Russian gas stops for Ukraine as well," Borisov said.

He pointed out that it is all in this contract. "To date, it may seem disadvantageous, but when the ban on Russian gas comes, these will be the places where gas will enter Greece, Turkey through Bulgaria. And this ban on Russian gas will come at the moment when Europe finishes its liquefied gas terminals," the GERB leader predicted. "What came out of their desire to attack GERB for the Balkan Stream, their desire to attack Radev for Botash, it came out that we have 11 tankers paid for so far, one is sitting in Turkey and none has entered Bulgaria. Is this what these Euro-Atlanticists, as we like to say, are going to explain in their election campaign. Actually, we Bulgarians have paid for 11 tankers and one is just sitting in Turkey, the others are gone," Borisov stressed.
Borisov also commented on Glavchev's request to be foreign minister.

The issue of whether Glavchev wants to be foreign minister is not mine, Borisov said. Why are we not commenting that the mother of the mayor of the Poduyane district is a WCC minister, Borisov asked rhetorically. Borisov also commented on the president's words that Glavchev's proposal to be a foreign minister in addition to prime minister was "avant-garde" and that he had not yet understood what exactly he had undertaken as prime minister. "He doesn't know, he was elected head of the Court of Auditors, and the new Constitution sent him to the highest post in the state. What makes you think being prime minister is an easy job. We used to become prime minister with more than 100 MPs behind us, first political force, with a powerful coalition, then you rule with panache because you have credibility behind you. Now, whether it is the head of the Court of Auditors or the Ombudsman or whatever the head of the BNB is, without a party, without anything, suddenly he is given all the power in the country. We have been preparing for these posts - I as Secretary General, as Mayor of Sofia, with teams, with people, with staffs. These are complicated things," Borisov stressed.
He also said that GERB does not accept servile media. "The WCC not to once ask the question whether the construction minister should be replaced, whose son is mayor of Poduene from the WCC, and the mother is a minister. Or how Gvozdeykov is a minister? How did Vatev remain a minister? How the regional governors, with what right are from the WCC now in Plovdiv? So only for the foreign minister they dictate you to ask?", Borisov said. /BGNES