Boyko Borisov officially refused to Delyan Peevski

"We will not support a second mandate. The position of GERB-UDF with regard to the third mandate remains unchanged," says Boyko Borisov of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) second mandate proposition for support. 

The chairman of the parliamentary group of the GERB-UDF sent an official refusal to the MRF regarding the readiness for negotiations to form a government with the second mandate. The position of the largest parliamentary group overlaps with that expressed by the party on Tuesday.

In the letter, Borisov reaffirmed the position of GERB-UDF that he will not support a second mandate under any conditions. The party's decision remains unchanged regarding the third term.

"We appreciate your efforts as a second political force to form a cabinet within the framework of the 50th National Assembly, but the differences and opposition between the parliamentary groups do not create the necessary basis for forming a stable government", the letter also states.

"We rely on political maturity in the upcoming election campaign as a prerequisite for forming a government in the next National Assembly", concluded the chairman of GERB. | BGNES