Boyko Borisov: There is no such thing as "Turkish Stream", if they want - they can stop "Balkan Stream"

There is no such business, no such state-owned enterprise as "Balkan Stream" that brings so much money to the Bulgarians - 1.309 billion net profit. If the colleagues (from We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB) - ed.) want and believe that there is something bad in it and they have to surrender Bulgaria's interests to Greece, they can table a decision today and stop Balkan Stream.

This is what GERB leader Boyko Borisov told journalists in parliament, BGNES reported.

The MPs are expected to discuss the draft decision submitted by the WCC-DB on the establishment of a temporary commission to establish facts and circumstances regarding the missing strategic document "Roadmap for the implementation of the project for the expansion of the gas transmission system of the Republic of Bulgaria", as well as clarification of the circumstances of the implementation of the project "Turkish Stream" on Bulgarian territory. Borissov said that GERB-FDP would support the establishment of the commission.

Boyko Borisov directly asked the WCC-DB MPs with the proviso that if they want to stop Balkan Stream, GERB will support them. However, this would be a national betrayal, Borissov was adamant.

If we are going to work for the interests of other countries, at least make it clear that we are working for the interests of foreign countries, Borissov added and made the clarification.

He said that to date between 8 and 10 million Russian gas has entered Bulgaria from Thessaloniki via Petrich.

No matter how much the colleagues do not like it, there is only Russian molecule in our pipes, Borissov added.

Asked about the upcoming first reading of amendments to the Gambling Act, which provide for a ban on gambling advertisements, Borissov said that "there is time".

Enough with this Anti-Corruption Commission! We are ready to look at the rules tomorrow, the GERB leader added to another question.

According to the brief that Borissov presented to journalists, he claimed to have seen the WCC-DB and the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) 150 times in the last nine months.

Since 270 days of government, we have seen the three parties - GERB, WCC-DB and MRF - 150 times, Borissov said, responding to Kiril Petkov's call for GERB and MRF to say they were the "informal coalition".

Borissov said he was neither ashamed of WCC-DB nor of Hristo Ivanov and did not dissociate himself from him.

The constitution is good and the new caretaker government will be elected in the same way as the old one - only not by the president but by caretaker prime minister Glavchev.

Boyko Borisov announced that GERB is absolutely ready for elections. /BGNES