Bulgaria becomes the center of gaming tourism in Europe

Bulgaria becomes the centre of gaming tourism in Europe

In recent years, Bulgaria has managed to establish itself as a new leading tourist destination thanks to the luxury, spa and leisure tourism opportunities it provides. One area that has contributed significantly to this expansion is the burgeoning gaming tourism sector, which offers a unique combination of exciting experiences, affordable prices and first-class facilities. An example of successful events organised by the sector that have managed to attract both domestic and international audiences is the Palms Royale Poker Series.

According to the National Institute of Statistics, there has been an increase in foreign tourist arrivals to Bulgaria in 2023 - 12,627,547 compared to 10,887,952 in 2022. The development of the gaming sector is a contributing factor to these results, especially in the capital, the areas along Bulgaria's southern border and the Black Sea coast. There has been an increased flow of people from neighbouring Greece, Turkey and Romania, as well as from Middle Eastern countries such as Israel.

The establishment of Bulgaria as a destination for gaming tourism in Europe gives our country a competitive advantage over other European countries, stemming from the combination of leisure activities, affordable but luxurious tourism and natural attractions that everyone can enjoy. Thanks to this, the number of tourist sites is constantly growing, employment in the hotel, restaurant and construction sectors is also increasing and infrastructure is constantly improving because of the investments made.

This, in turn, stimulates the development of the Bulgarian economy, with an increase in the revenue generated for the state by the gaming industry by the end of 2023. The industry has managed to establish itself as a dynamic player in the market, continuously providing new and different experiences for customers. The Palms Royale Poker Series, one of which took place in the last week of March with a total prize pool of €250,000, is one such event. It is expected that 3 more events of the same caliber will be organized in the current year 2024, which are establishing themselves as the biggest for the industry in terms of interest and prize pool in Bulgaria.

In addition to contributing to the local economy by boosting tourism and creating jobs, events such as the Palms Royale Poker Series also play a crucial role in promoting Bulgaria as a preferred destination for gaming tourism. The country's unique combination of affordable prices, high-quality facilities and vibrant social scene makes it attractive to both seasoned pros and novice enthusiasts.

In conclusion, the growing popularity of gaming tourism in Bulgaria is due to various factors, including the organisation of events for international audiences. By providing exceptional experiences, first-class infrastructure and a top holiday destination, Bulgaria has positioned itself as the hub of gaming tourism in Europe, attracting players from all corners of the continent and driving economic growth in the process. / BGNES