Bulgarian Football Union Head: I have submitted my resignation

We would have done more if we hadn't turned into a vent. This was revealed by Borislav Mihailov, president of the Bulgarian Football Union, who resigned following today's meeting of the Executive Committee of the headquarters, reported BGNES.

Borislav Mihailov's resignation as president of the Bulgarian Football Union was expected, but it has yet to be voted on at a new election Congress next year. The date of the Congress will be determined at the next Executive Committee meeting, which is slated for December 6.

BGNES recalls that on Thursday, November 16 bloody scenes took place in the center of the capital during the protest against the current leadership of BFU. Tensions between law enforcement officers and protesting fans escalated after a water cannon was used, with police and fans injured. In the following days, some police officers were suspended and supporters were arrested.

The disturbances in the background of the European qualification between Bulgaria and Hungary, which ended in a 2:2 draw, led to a number of comments from the authorities, but not to the resignation of Mihailov, who refused to resign even after his questioning at the Anti-Corruption Commission.

"Since my return to the helm of the BFU, everyone involved in the process has come under fire." Yes, the national team fell short of expectations. Everything else that was dependent on me had been completed. The Bulgarian Football Union has created a method for developing young players, which will be unveiled in December. We put money into having the Bulgarian championship run as smoothly as possible. We agreed to an annex for the television rights. To increase the standard of Bulgarian football, we developed collaboration contracts. Only after my return have 19 proposals been commissioned. The organizational structure was revitalized with the addition of fresh and skilled individuals. We would have done more if we hadn't turned into a vent. I'm quite proud of what I've accomplished. These are facts, and no one will argue with them. "You have my resignation; no club wants my resignation," declared Mihailov, Bulgaria's football manager since 2005.

At the press conference following the meeting, he declined to answer questions from the media. Borislav Popov, the executive director of the headquarters, took his position and offered further insight on what transpired during the meeting.

"At the meeting, it was decided to convene a new meeting of the Executive Committee on December 6, at which an invitation to the Congress, place, date, and preparations for a new Congress are launched - the technical time is a minimum of two months, due to Mr. Mihailov's resignation, which is a reason for convening an early election Congress." A resignation cannot be accepted by the Executive Committee. The interim manager will be Mihail Kasabov. It will be invited to the Executive Committee, which is enrolled in the Commercial Register. I'm not sure who Mihailov's deputies are that he's preparing. The executive committee will meet on December 6 if a genuine invitation is received. I've been appointed; I can't predict who else will leave. We shall carry out our responsibilities in accordance with the Statute, so that the future Executive Committee can function more calmly. At the Extraordinary Electoral Congress, all nominees will be accepted. Candidacies for a new president will be presented when the date of the next Congress is announced," said Popov, who did not explain what would happen if the first item on the agenda of the Congress was a vote on Mikhailov's resignation, and it was not accepted. accepted. The extraordinary election Congress is scheduled for mid-March.

Earlier, about 13:00, the meeting began with a heightened police presence in front of the National Football Base headquarters in Boyana. There were police vehicles and patrol cars on the scene, as well as both water cannons. /BGNES