Bulgarian PM Denkov: The state continues to work, despite the sharply complicated pre-election situation


I want to thank all the ministers and their teams for being able to keep the pace and make the important decisions for citizens and businesses. The state continued to work at a fast pace, regardless of the sharply complicated and already pre-election situation.
This is what the resigned Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov said. Today is the last meeting of the current Council of Ministers.

Denkov praised the cabinet for the results of the past months, as well as for Bulgaria's entry into Schengen by air and sea. "With political stabilization, there will be a decision on land borders by the end of the year," Denkov emphasized.

Regarding the judicial reform, he said that the new draft of the Law on the Judiciary is already subject to public discussion, and without this law, constitutional changes cannot lead to a real reform of the judiciary. On the health topic, Denkov boasted that patients can now get drugs at the lowest price for 50 groups of cardiovascular diseases. The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works has signed over 600 agreements. /BGNES