Bulgarian PM Nikolay Denkov: I fired the Deputy Minister of the Interior

Yesterday, we saw horrific scenes of violence instead of a football celebration. mostly as a result of the Bulgarian Football Union's poor management, which caused a downturn. The Ministry of the Interior has made errors. However, we cannot turn away from the incidents where lone police officers kicked and beat civilians who had died. I've already written to the Ethics Committee and the UEFA headquarters. I'll investigate FIFA's stance as well. Stoyan Temelakiev, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, was fired by me.

According to BGNES, Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov made this announcement.

I will speak with Deputy Prime Minister Maria Gabriel about Interior Minister Kalin Stoyanov's departure first. She's now overseas, Denkov said. It was evident from his remarks that the interior minister was at a movie screening yesterday when there were the excesses in the city.

I think Stoyanov's analysis of the problem is insufficient. Denkov clarified, "He assured me that he did not expect provocations."

It is not appropriate to assign blame to every individual. It is not appropriate to declare everyone guilty. Errors must be specified; the Municipal Directorate of the Interior Ministry is not at blame in its entirety. The talk about Kalin Stoyanov will soon begin. Denkov reminded him that he was being expelled from the National Assembly.

He said he had given Zhivko Kotsev, the chief secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the task of looking into police brutality instances as soon as feasible and impartially. The prime minister insisted that the names of the concerned military soldiers be disclosed and that they be subject to the harshest disciplinary measures, up to and including termination.

A request for the resignation of Sports Minister Dimitar Iliev was made, and he declared that he had no issues with it.

The Prime Minister added, "I will not make a single decision that is not reasonable for the state."

He stated unequivocally that there is no political sense to the desire to remove the derogation for three days.

I'm not going to give in to arm wringing. Nikolay Denkov urged GERB and DPS, who have been together a lot lately, to take down the government; they have every right to do so.

The prime minister said he would not comment on the claims made by Delyan Peevski, the chairman of the DPS's PG, that the interior minister was coerced by the PP-DB to vote in their favour during the elections.

I've put pressure on Kalin Stoyanov to complete the voting process and make sure there are no infractions while it's happening. The Prime Minister was categorical, and I have never put any pressure on him for any party.

He reiterated that he did not trust State Agency for National Security Chairman Plamen Tonchev sufficiently.

Denkov contends that the recently elected Sofia mayor has no authority to forbid football fans from protesting.

Bans alone won't make things better. The issues stem from the way football has been run for many years, how poorly games are run, and why campaigners congregate in one location. Denkov added, "There is a specific culprit for everything." /BGNES