Bulgarian President Radev: I hope Glavchev realizes the damage when he carries out the wishes of his party chief

I hope that Mr. Glavchev takes account of the damage when he carries out the wishes of his party chief.

This is how Bulgarian President Rumen Radev commented on the acting Prime Minister's proposals for reshuffles in the caretaker government, BGNES reported.

Radev recalled that when he was appointing councils of ministers, the parties could not think of such interference.

It became clear for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but who ordered the change of the Minister of Agriculture, Rumen Radev asked.

Is it normal to change ministers every other day, the head of state also said.

I will not interfere with the Prime Minister's decisions regarding the composition of the official cabinet. Still, I will insist that he also keep his promise to propose a cabinet that is equally distant from all parties. On Friday, I will invite Mr. Glavchev to discuss his proposals, which cannot include deputy chairmen of political parties, Rumen Radev also said regarding the proposal that Daniel Mitov head the Foreign Ministry.

There are many diplomats with qualities to be ministers, so a worthy candidate can always be found, Radev stressed.

BGNES recalls that Prime Minister Glavchev proposed the reshuffle at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs a week after the inauguration of the official authority. This was done through a press release from the press service of the MC, sent late on Monday evening.

Daniel Mitov is currently a member of the PG of GERB-SDS, he is also the deputy chairman of the party. He was acting foreign minister in the "Twins" cabinet and in Borisov's second regular government.

On April 9, the career diplomat and ambassador to Montenegro, Stefan Dimitrov, took over the Minister of Foreign Affairs position in the Glavchev cabinet. However, the initial candidate was Ivaylo Tsenov.

Yesterday, Glavchev requested the replacement of the Minister of Agriculture Kiril Vatev, who kept his post from the previous cabinet and in the official one. Glavchev proposes that the position be filled by Georgi Takhov, citing the continued tension and dissatisfaction in the sector of agriculture as reasons.

Today, GERB leader Boyko Borisov described the replacement of Foreign Minister Stefan Dimitrov with Daniel Mitov as a coincidence. /BGNES