Bulgarian "State Gazette" promulgates the Law on Gambling

In today's issue of the "State Gazette" the Law on Gambling was promulgated. The changes introduce an almost complete ban on gambling advertising, as well as a cap on the bread surcharge.

BGNES reminds that between the two readings of the Law on Gambling in Parliament, more than 20 negative opinions were sent on the changes regarding advertising restrictions. Gambling games can no longer be advertised in the media, near educational institutions and on buildings, and fines of up to BGN 30,000 are provided for offenders.

On the last working day of the deputies before the vacation, the proposal of GERB to impose a 15% ceiling on the markups of three types of bread (white, type and "Dobrudja") and to extend the effect of the reduced VAT rate for bread - 9%, to 31 December 2024. This was passed through the transitional and final provisions of the Gambling Act, which Parliament also amended the Value Added Tax Act. /BGNES