Chakarov: There is no turning back, normalcy must be restored

The Honorary Chairman of the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), Ahmed Dogan, met with some of the movement's assets in Rosenets, BGNES reported.

The meeting started at 13.00 and lasted for three hours. Only MPs from MRF and members who expressed their support for Dogan during the break in relations with Delyan Peeevski were invited to it. The latter did not attend, but the other chairman - Jevdet Chakarov - was invited.

“We had a thorough discussion with our Honorable Chairman. It can be seen that there is a build-up of tension, the MRF is not functioning normally and must return to normal. There is no going back and normalcy must be restored going forward. Expect an address from our Honorary Chairman shortly. Our collective bodies are not functioning and this cannot continue," said Jevdet Chakarov.

He emphasized that there is no going back and normalcy must be restored.
According to him, all possible efforts should be made to form a government. Going to new elections is not the best decision, Chakarov is categorical.

On July 3, Ramadan Atalay publicly stated that there were disagreements between MRF  honorary chairman Ahmed Dogan and current chairman Delyan Peevski on how the party should be run. According to Atalai, the dispute is a matter of principle and Dogan is against Peevski's one-man methods. Atalay also stated that Dogan recommended the MRF MPs not to vote for the proposed GERB-SDS cabinet with Prime Minister Rosen Zhelyazkov. I BGNES