"Dassin performing Dassin" - Julien Dassin, the son of Jo Dassin before BGNES for his concert in Sofia

Julien Dassin, son of the King of French chanson Jo Dassin, performs the legendary family hits with the Paris Tour Eiffel Orchestra (including his father's drummer, Jo Dassin and Carl Trenet, pianist and accordionist for Charles Aznavour) in his original author's performance.

For the first time in Bulgaria, the unforgettable songs of the legendary French troubadour can be heard "first-hand". Fascinating stage behaviour, sound, costumes, design and multimedia immersed the audience in Hall 1 of the National Palace of Culture in "Les Champs-Élysées", "L'Été Indien" (Gypsy Summer), "Salut" (Hello), "À Toi " (To you), "Et Si Tu N'existais Pas" ( If it didn't exist), "Le Jardin du Luxembourg" (The Luxembourg Garden) and many other hits of Jo Dassin.

The son of Jo Dassin and his wife Christine, Julien was born on March 22, 1980, he was the couple's second child after Jonathan, born in 1978.

In the following years, the two brothers took care of the preservation of their father's musical legacy. Julien is responsible in particular for public relations. In 2010, together with his brother, they created the musical "Once Upon a Time Joe Dassin", directed by Christophe Baratier, in which Julien sings in a virtual duet with his father. The musical was a big success in Europe and the US. That same year, Julien appeared on stage in the play La Parenthese with Sonia Dubois as his partner. Later, in 2012, he also recorded songs by Yves Montand, together with Florence Coste, on the album Monsieur Montand.

His father's presence is felt in the way he moves, in his face, even in the timbre of his voice, and when he takes the stage with his father's musicians, at one point one might think that Jo Dassin is alive. 

Here is what Julien Dassin told BGNES:

BGNES: Julien, thank you very much for this interview for the BGNES agency in Bulgaria.

Julien Dassin: Thank you!

BGNES: Welcome to Bulgaria!

Julien Dassin: Thank you!

BGNES: So, what were your expectations before coming to Bulgaria for this concert?

Julien Dassen: I am impressed because it is my first time in Bulgaria. And every time I meet a new country, it's a new experience, new people, new... What's it called? Feeling? It's a new feeling. And I hope everything is super cool tonight.

BGNES: I think you will feel it tonight because you probably know that Bulgaria is a francophone country. In fact, many generations have listened to your father's music.

Julien Dassin: You can't imagine all the countries we go to, the halls are full of children. This surprises me a lot! But, you know, I explain it like this: my father is like a part of any family in the audience, and the audience is kind of part of my family! I know my father from stories in my family. But all the love that the audience, the viewers give me... is because my father is a part of their feelings!

BGNES: Absolutely.

Julien Dassin: I don't know if I explained it clearly?

BGNES: It is absolutely clear! In fact, you were very young. How do you remember your father? Actually from stories, maybe or from pictures?

Julien Dassin: I don't remember him... When my father died, I was only five months old, and as I said, I felt what my father was like from my family and from the audience!

BGNES: If you had to write a letter to your father telling him that you are singing his songs today, what would you write in the letter?

Julien Dassin: No, not a letter. I hope he is proud of me.

BGNES: I think he is proud. And last question. Has there ever been a moment in your life, especially when you're performing, when you wish your dad could see you on stage now, like tonight?

Julien Dassin: Every time I go on stage...when I go on stage, I look to the sky...I say: "Please, mom, dad, grandpa, the whole family - take care of me!"

BGNES: Absolutely. Thank you very much!

Julien Dassin: And I pay tribute to them!

BGNES: Thank you very much! Have a very good concert tonight!

Julien Dassin: Thank you!

BGNES: The audience loves you! You will see it!

Julien Dassin: Thank you very much and see you soon!