Expert commissions are looking into the damage caused by the severe hail that pummeled Bulgaria southwest on Thursday

Expert commissions of the regional Agriculture directorates have already begun surveying the damage to the plantations from the severe hail that fell on Thursday in the southwest of Bulgaria.

The most affected agricultural areas are in Plovdiv, Stara Zagora and Sliven regions.

As BGNES has already reported, the village of Banya in the Nova Zagora district was one of the hardest hit. The sever hail that fell there was the size of an egg. The harvest of wheat, potatoes and roses was completely destroyed in Banya.

Farmers must apply for an inspection within 7 days. Based on it, protocols with the findings are issued for the areas, 100% affected by unfavourable climatic conditions, including hail.

The documents will be accepted at the Municipal Services for Agriculture. Once the commissions describe the damage, the farmers will be able to receive compensation under the state aid to compensate for the damage caused by adverse climatic events. /BGNES