GERB leader Borisov: Tagarev has not done a thing of what we promised Ukraine

Two years of bloodshed, two years of terrible war in Ukraine, on our border. Two years of horrors in Europe - economic collapse, recession, nothing good for our continent. It is important for young people to know what is being done in the parliament and the state. Today the topic is Ukraine, the death caused deliberately by the Putin regime, and as you watch the footage from this ice prison, Navalny voluntarily returned to Russia and died. Putin is to blame, and any other interpretation is different from what GERB accepts.

This is what GERB leader Boyko Borisov said in Pleven, the BGNES correspondent in the city reported.

What did GERB do for Ukraine? Back in the 48th National Assembly in February 2022, we decided to provide aid to Ukraine. The government of Kiril Petkov with Deputy Prime Minister Kornelia Ninova did not dare to do anything for Ukraine, they even boasted that not a single Bulgarian patron had gone there. This "Euro-Atlantic government"! In September 2022, there was only talk for people in the center-right that something was being done about Ukraine, but nothing was actually done.

In 2022, both we, "We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" political party (WCC-DB), and Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) supported an agreement between Bulgaria and Ukraine, but in practice there was no help for it. It was only in the 49th National Assembly that we started real aid to Ukraine by adopting a decision to accelerate the renewal of the Ministry of Defence (MoD) warehouses. Later, we made an additional decision to provide support to Ukraine with over 100 armored personnel carriers from the MoD reserves. A subsequent decision was also made to provide assistance to Ukraine, with which we gave defective S-300 missiles for spare parts to Ukraine, and surplus ammunition for us.

On December 8, 2023, we adopted the eighth decision to support Ukraine, Borisov explained. We provided political and economic support to Ukraine, declared the famine a genocide, adopted a declaration on Ukraine's admission to NATO membership, etc., the GERB leader recalled.

Yesterday, in absentia, Minister Tagarev answered me about what was done for Ukraine, in the morning he wrote me an SMS that he expects the National Assembly to be activated quickly regarding the adopted yesterday of the Council of Ministers, which I regard as all kinds of haste for the visit of Prime Minister Denkov to Ukraine, and that they can praise for something done. From what I see, in the decision of the Ministry of Defense it says that the Ministry of Defense should create an organization for the transport and logistics of the 100-BTR, which is assigned to the Minister of Defense. Until yesterday, I thought that everything we had decided had already happened, because the decision on the APCs was from July last year. By Monday or Tuesday, Denkov and Gabriel should review the ministers, provide these reviews to the parties regarding their work.

So far, we have implemented the package voted by the National Assembly from June - implemented, the package for accelerating the renewal of ammunition - 70% implemented; regarding the dispatch of the armored personnel carriers, as Tagarev boasted - it has not yet been fulfilled; package according to the decision of the Bulgarian cabinet to provide the mtelbeta - not fulfilled; decision of the National Assembly on sending anti-aircraft missiles - not implemented; training of Ukrainian servicemen for paramedics and airmen - not completed. Yesterday, Tagarev said that sending the armored personnel carriers to Ukraine was not his responsibility, which is not true, because in the decision of the IC, point 5, it is written that he is responsible, explained Borisov.

I don't know what report they will give us, but if it is the same, and yesterday they held a session of the Council of Ministers to speed up something, and they did not finish the main things, - there is no way I can get 69 MPs to vote for such a minister and such a government . To date, nothing of what our MPs voted for and our sympathizers expected has been done, the GERB leader was indignant./BGNES