Kornelia Ninova: The results of the BSP are catastrophic. Submit my resignation

The Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) leader takes political responsibility and resigns.

The results of the BSP are disastrous. I am resigning, said the leader of the left, Kornelia Ninova, BGNES reported.

We are all losing votes, there is no winner in these elections, Ninova stated the vote results on June 9.

A complete failure of Bulgarian sociology as well. No one caught even the slightest movement of the new Greatness party. It also became clear that there is nothing on the left but the BSP, Ninova also stated.

Thank you to everyone who supported us during the election. It was a nice, lively campaign. We gathered the Executive Bureau of the BSP and analyzed the situation and the results.

This was announced by BSP leader Cornelia Ninova at an extraordinary briefing in the first comment on the election results, BGNES reported.

The biggest concern and problem for Bulgaria is the bottom of the voter turnout, - this is a punishment for all of us in the political system. This time, the protest vote was a non-vote.

There is no winner in this election because without the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) and There is Such People political party (ITN) we all lose votes. The most We Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB) - over 300 thousand votes. GERB, even if they were the first force, would hardly have the pretension to rule on behalf of less than one-tenth of the people.

This fragmentation means instability, and we must work to overcome this.

The behaviour of Bulgarian sociology is also a complete failure - none of the sociologies predicted by them came true, and no one caught the movement of the Velichie party.

It also became clear that there is nothing on the left but the BSP. Everyone else is finished, Ninova added. It also became clear that only BSP for Bulgaria represents the left.

Our results are catastrophic and therefore I take political responsibility and resign, Ninova said.

I call upon the National Assembly to elect one of the vice presidents of the party, who will finish the mandate, to organize a full cycle of reports and elections in the entire party, which means new municipal and regional presidents, new presidents of the women's movement and the structures of youth and veterans. This also means new congresses, said the resigned BSP leader.

A more in-depth analysis of the election results and their evaluations will still be done, but the BSP did not betray its basic policies and beliefs, Ninova also said in response to a question from BGNES.

The responsibility for forming a government and proposing a prime minister rests with GERB. We remain in our position that we will not participate in assemblies, and we will not support GERB. The National Assembly of the BSP will prepare a position for the National Assembly, party meetings - I say again - we will not hold. I will not leave the parliament, I was elected by the people and I will remain an MP, Ninova said.

I received more than 10-15 letters from various structures of the BSP Youth Union (YU), in which their leaders differ from the opinion of the YU leadership, which was expressed yesterday by six people. The results are clear, the analysis is clear, the actions are clear, and we are moving forward - this is how Ninova commented on her resignation requested by the YU of the BSP yesterday after the disastrous election result of the party.

Ninova commented that there is a danger that Bulgaria will once again enter into a spiral of new early parliamentary elections, urging that this should not be allowed.

"We are not waging a war. We have extended an invitation to everyone for the elections. We have not urged anyone to take their pills or drink a cup of tea. We have not called anyone from the other parties "old canes", she added.

Ninova noted that she was elected by all members of the BSP directly and that the BSP is the only party that elects its president directly and calls for it to remain so. |BGNES