Marco Baldassari: Eleventy has preserved tradition and history, the brand is 100% made in Italy

What sets Eleventy apart from other brands is the way we do the combinations to achieve a vision. As a chef combines ingredients in the kitchen, so we make our combinations and create new visions. This makes us very special - we are very strong in combining everything to create an ultimate vision that makes a person much better and brings out the best in him.

Our Eleventy brand is 100% made in Italy. We are extremely proud of "made in Italy" because it is the best quality. The most important and luxury brands in the world are produced in Italy. We have very good value for money, which is exceptional and unique in the world of luxury.

This is what the founder and creative director of the luxury Italian brand Eleventy, Marco Baldassari, told BGNES. This is the first visit of the Italian designer to our country, as he came specifically to present his new autumn-winter 2023/2024 collection, but also to open the brand's first point of sale in Sofia.

Baldassari explained how they make their clothes using a jacket from his new collection. "These garments are made by hand. In order to realize them, 18 hours of manual work are needed, which is realized by our craftsmen. These are exceptional garments because everything is sewn by hand," he explained, adding that there are three companies in Italy that are able to create this type of garment. "These are expensive garments because they are made of wool that is 14 microns. These are very valuable garments because of the quality. All the buttons on the jacket are made of natural horn and they are all sewn by hand. I always want customers to touch, to feel. We we have only one button on the sleeve and this is a mark that differentiates the brand," he noted and said that years ago artisans used only 1 button to make clothes more comfortable, while today 3-4 buttons are used. "So Eleventy has preserved the tradition and the history. These are the details with which you can understand the passion, dedication and craftsmanship with which we make our products," said the founder and creative director of the luxury Italian brand Eleventy.

He also explained what inspired him to create this type of clothing, rather than pompous, for example. "Eleventy was created for a certain type of customer who doesn't need pomp. These are customers who are looking for comfort and high quality, but they don't need to show it and look a certain way. For them, the comfort and the high quality of the materials are enough", noted Baldassari.

"What is essential for us is to make a person feel better. When he looks in the mirror to feel happier, to feel more complete, to like himself and to say to himself, I am a new person. It is very important to love yourself and take care of yourself. What we do and what makes us happy and grateful for our work is to see this result every day," added the founder and creative director of luxury Italian brand Eleventy.

He also explained what the name of the brand means. "Eleventy means to elevate ourselves, to continue to be in search and to do better and better what we have done before. This is our spirit to continue and elevate ourselves. Eleventy means to elevate ourselves," explained Baldassari .

The founder and creative director of the luxury Italian brand Eleventy explained that they work extremely hard on the color range and combinations in a way that each garment can be combined with the other and can create a complete outfit with the range they work with, and namely - slightly sandy. "The brand is developing on a global level and it is important for us to open another point of sale. We have already opened in London, Paris and Beverly Hills. This is another expansion for us, which is important", he clarified. Earlier this week, the brand opened its first clothing outlet in the capital. In 2021 they opened their first luxury boutique in Bulgaria, and the place they chose for it was Bansko. /BGNES