MRF strongman Ahmed Dogan urged Peevski to resign


The honorary chairman of MRF (Movement for Rights and Freedoms) Ahmed Dogan called on the party chairman Delyan Peevski to resign. 

This is stated in an address of Dogan to the party structures. 

"Dear Deputies! 

We are experiencing a serious crisis in the organizational life of the party. This crisis is caused by: 

- Systematic non-observance of the Charter of the MRF; 

- The gross violation of the decisions of the last National Conference of the MRF (February, 2024); 

- From the brutal treatment of members of the central governing bodies, MPs of the MRF, regional and municipal structures of the party. 

Never, since its establishment more than 34 years ago, has the Movement used thuggish approaches to intimidate our families, to take away people's business with the prosecution and police services. It is deliberately creating a fear psychosis about people's lives, work and property. And much to my surprise, it is alleged that everything that is being done has been with my consent!? Absurd! 

Bulgaria's civilizational choice is liberal democracy with a Euro-Atlantic orientation. The MRF has a significant stake in achieving this strategic goal of the state. 

Moreover, the MRF is an important geopolitical factor in the Balkans. Therefore, any serious shake-up in the Movement's ranks has a broad public resonance and an international reaction of political anxiety for the stability and security of Southeast Europe. 

Thank you for the support of everyone: from veterans and MPs to party structures, municipal mayors and youth organisations. 

I am especially grateful for the support of the leaders of the European Liberals and our supporters and voters from the Republic of Turkey. This fact convinces me for the seventh time that I have not wasted nearly 40 years of my life in vain... 

Factually speaking, there is an attempted internal-party coup in the MRF in order to use party power for personal and group interests, and especially to 

change the political profile of the party. This process of illegitimate substitution of the MRF must be stopped categorically. No one can steal or appropriate the MRF. Our organisation is not a sole trading company. And therefore it cannot be owned by anyone. 

The MRF is a political achievement for all of us! 

Overcoming this threat requires radical political measures. 

I call for the resignations from the assumed positions of: 

1. Delyan Peevski - Chairman of the MRF 

2. 2. Mr. Khalil Letifov - Deputy Chairman of the MRF and member of the CSB 

3. Stanislav Anastasov - Deputy Chairman of MRF and member of CSB 

4. Hamid Hamid - Deputy Chairman of the MRF PG and member of the PSC 

5. Erten Anisova - Deputy Chairman of the MRF PG 

6. Radoslav Revanski - member of the PSC 

Let the collective bodies decide whether to remain members of the MRF or not. There is no other way to eliminate any arrogant attitude in our structures. 

My big request to you is to let go of fear. We live in a free democratic world. Protect it! 

Always yours, 

Ahmed Dogan." | BGNES