Post-election morning in Bulgaria: GERB-UDF widens the gap with WCC-DB

With 36.73% processed protocols from the national vote, GERB-UDF (GERB-Union of Democratic Forces) leads with 23.39%. With the Eurovote and 35.69% processed protocols, Borisov's party widens the gap with We Continue the Change - Democratic Bulgaria (WCC-DB).

With 36.73% of Sectional Election  Commisions (SEC) protocols processed in Regional Election Commission from the elections for people's representatives, the most votes were cast for GERB-UDF. 155,061 people or 23.39% voted for them.

Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF) came second with 110,745 votes or 16.70%. WCC-DB came third with 97,820 votes or 14.75%. "Revival" political partybreathes behind WCC with 94,665 voters or 14.28%.

Bulgarian Socialist Part (BSP) received 45,543 votes or 6.87%.
There is Such People party (ITN) have 42,245 votes or 6.37%.

"Velichie" now has 4.96% support or 32,905 votes. 

Eurovote data at this stage show the most votes again for GERB-UDF. 138,135 people or 23.31% voted for them.

With 35.69% of SIC protocols processed in REC, WCC-DB is second - 91,356 votes or 15.41%. Third are "Vazrazhdane" with 88,359 votes or 14.91%. DPS are in fourth place with 67,130 votes or 11.33%.

BSP received 42,387 votes or 7.15%. ITN remained in sixth position with 39,044 votes or 6.59%. | BGNES