Rosen Plevneliev: Bulgaria must be uncompromising against "Serbian world" and violation of treaties

"Serbian World has no place in the European Union. The bloc had a romantic notion of Serbia, but woke up. The country is not sincere in its desire to be part of the EU.

Bulgaria must wage an uncompromising values battle against the ideologies that have broken the Balkans. We must not turn a blind eye to North Macedonia's aggressive violation of international law.

This is what President Rosen Plevneliev /2012-2017/ said in an interview with BGNES.

"Ideologies that verge on fascism and want the domination of one nation over another have no place in the European Union. Thank God the world democratic elite woke up to what is happening in Serbia. Bulgaria is obliged to point out this development - Serbia is not sincere in its actions. This means that everyone in the EU needs to be aware, despite the romantic attitude towards Serbia until recently, of some very important facts. Firstly, the unshakeable friendship between Serbia and Russia. Secondly, Chinese President Xi Jinping's visit to Belgrade, in which a joint declaration of a 'shared future' was announced. What that future is remains to be seen. Considering the confrontation between the EU and the US, on the one hand, as the leading drivers of the democratic world, with Russia and China, on the other, this does not presage anything good for the Balkans," Plevneliev noted.

He reminded that Serbia has practically opened all negotiation chapters and has not closed a single one.

"This means that Serbia is not sincere in its desire to make the reforms that will move it towards the European Union. We must state the true facts. Unfortunately, with the new Serbian government, it is a problem for us rather than a hope and a solution. We have to face this problem with patience, values and hope," the President added.

Rosen Plevneliev pointed out that unfortunately there is no good news in the Balkans at the moment. "The developments in Serbia, North Macedonia and Montenegro are the fruit of great concern for all of us, so we have to be focused and responsible. Bulgaria needs to be strong in the Balkans, a factor for European development and stability, but it also needs to fight the battle of values against ideologies of the past that broke everything in the Balkans, led to ethnic cleansing and wars. Bulgaria as a factor for peace and stability should oppose such actions", he emphasised.

Asked by BGNES what Bulgaria's policy towards North Macedonia should be, since the first calls of the new government are to review the agreements with Bulgaria and Greece, Plevneliev said:

"Bulgaria as a democratic country cannot accept any action that violates the rules of the international order. From this point of view, we must be uncompromising. No goal can be achieved if the rule of law is violated. Unfortunately, we see a demand from the new state leadership in North Macedonia for a brutal and aggressive violation of international norms, and we cannot turn a blind eye. We need to be the elder in the room, a factor of stability and development in the region. Bulgaria should point to every violation of international rules, laws, treaties by the Republic of North Macedonia, but always be part of the solution."

The President pointed out that "the people of North Macedonia do not deserve to have rulers who move the country away from European integration.

"We have to help the people of this brotherly, neighbouring country to understand what the right approach is - in no case is it blowing up the rule of law," President Rosen Plevneliev said in conclusion. /BGNES