Rutte to Denkov: In our eyes you are a full member of Schengen

"I am proud of what Bulgaria has achieved. In our eyes you are now a full member of Schengen." This is what Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said after a meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov in The Hague. Mark Rutte stressed that he was optimistic about Bulgaria's entry into the Schengen area and land borders by the end of the year, pointing out that his country would continue to work actively with other countries to achieve this goal.

Prime Minister Nikolay Denkov pointed out that the Netherlands was the first country in terms of investment in Bulgaria and said that these excellent economic relations should continue in the context of the common development in the region. "We are grateful for the support of the Netherlands for all the European priorities of our government - Schengen, the euro area, the OECD. These are priorities on which we are working very closely with our Western partners," he said, the government press service reported.

The Bulgarian prime minister reiterated Bulgaria's readiness to help Ukraine in various aspects. Acad. Denkov noted that Bulgaria is rapidly developing its defense forces and strengthening cooperation with the neighboring countries in the Black Sea region - Romania and Turkey in the framework of the NATO partnership.

What Prime Minister Rutte added is that they continue to support us unreservedly and promised to work with other countries for the last step in this direction, including Austria," Denkov stressed. /BGNES