The Bulgarian party DSB offers WCC-DB a technical cabinet with the third mandate

We propose to our partners from "Continuing the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" to discuss and adopt a mechanism for exiting the current political crisis. This is stated in a resolution of "Democrats for a strong Bulgaria" following a decision of their Executive Council.

We believe that such an opportunity is to ask for the third mandate to be considered as "national". The government created by him in the form of a "technical cabinet" must guarantee the European democratic, legal and anti-corruption order, and the preservation of the parliamentary republic".

The executive board of the PP "Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria" expresses its gratitude to all Bulgarian citizens for the support given to the coalition "We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria" and in particular for the support for the candidates of "Democrats for a Strong Bulgaria". It evaluates the results of the elections as unsatisfactory, but also a logical consequence of the mistakes made in the created management structure.

We assess the political decision "Continuing the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" to bear responsibility for the "Denkov" cabinet as incorrect. It was a solution for a way out of the crisis, but the lack of a clear coalition agreement allowed GERB to act as the ruling opposition, the DSB said.

We share the understanding that "Democratic Bulgaria" is the most successful and longest-lasting formula of unification in the democratic spectrum, which must be preserved, built upon and developed. The deepening of communication through general meetings of the governing bodies, the coordination and consideration of all challenges before each of the two parties in "Democratic Bulgaria" as common, is a reasonable and correct step in this direction.

The DSB Executive Council defines the "Continuing the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" coalition as a natural union of people sharing common values, the only alternative to the corrupt status quo and the main guarantor for defending the European path and the country's membership in NATO. He expresses his confidence that the coalition needs additional consolidation and creation of a model for more effective and equal interaction.

The Executive Council notes with alarm that the decision of GERB to fail the rotation, bringing our country into another extraordinary election and the subsequent failed attempt to form a government on their part, deepen the political crisis and increase the threats to the democratic system of governance, they also state from DSB. | BGNES