The caretaker prime minister-designate will have his powers terminated from his primary job

MPs finally accepted the changes in the law on the Bulgarian National Bank (BNB), which made it clear that upon forming a government, the powers of the candidate for acting prime minister will be temporarily terminated from his permanent job, reported BGNES.

With the changes in the law on the BNB, the acting prime minister, who can be the head of the BNB, the Audit Chamber and the ombudsman can hold political positions and return to their jobs after the elections.

The initial idea was for the official prime minister to go on unpaid leave, but earlier today the parliamentary legal committee accepted the GERB-UDF proposal that the powers of the prime minister-elect be temporarily suspended and that after the elections he could return to his permanent position.

With the changes in the Constitution, the president can choose an acting prime minister from a limited range of senior government positions, including the governor or deputy governors of the BNB, the ombudsman or his deputy, the chairman and deputy chairman of the Audit Chamber.

On Saturday, President Rumen Radev elected the chairman of the Audit Chamber, Dimitar Glavchev, and assigned him to form an interim government.

The ITN (Ima Takuv Narod political party) came out with their project, in which they propose that the powers of the person who is appointed as acting prime minister be terminated by the National Assembly and again with a decision of the parliament to elect a deputy. However, the proposal of the ITN group was not accepted.

"We from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) will not support the changes, the accumulation of mistakes through new and new legislative changes destroys the state and institutions. You only want to cover up the blunders with the changes in the Constitution", believes BSP leader Kornelia Ninova. /BGNES