The Leader of "Yes, Bulgaria" Hristo Ivanov resigned, will not be an MP

After a meeting of the Executive Board of "Yes, Bulgaria", where we analyzed the picture, which is not yet complete, but is clear enough, I decided to resign and my colleagues supported this decision.

This was stated by the leader of "Yes, Bulgaria" Hristo Ivanov, reported BGNES.

Ivanov made the clarification that his decision affects only "Yes, Bulgaria" and not the coalition "We continue the change - Democratic Bulgaria"  (WCC-DB) - the parties in it will make their assessment.

I declare that I will not run for the leadership of "Yes Bulgaria" or any other formation.

I will not become a representative in the 50th National Assembly. This is again my decision. It is extremely important to start a new, fresh conversation with voters. It has to go all the way. I will devote myself to my family. I am staying in the field, I will work, but I will not run for leader again, Hristo Ivanov clarified and said that he accepts the verdict of the voters, issued in the elections on Sunday.

Do not look for a revision of the coalition format, answered Hristo Ivanov when asked if his refusal to participate in the future parliament was also a departure from the WCC-DB.

He informed that he had discussed his decision with both Kiril Petkov and Atanas Atanasov. | BGNES