The successful Macedonians and the failed patriots in modern Bulgaria

In the last 30 years, the Bulgarian state has ceded the field for battle to persons who, through it, sought personal political and economic benefit from our relations with Macedonia. However, this is not the biggest problem. Quite consciously, these individuals gradually but consistently imposed the dividing line desired by Athens and Belgrade between the people on both sides of the Versailles border (editor's note: Versailles Peace Treaties are a system of treaties, marking the end of World War I, including the one signed at Neuilly-sur-Seine, with which the Bulgarian state is deprived of the Western outskirts, which are of strategic importance - Tsaribrod, Bosilegrad, parts of Trun and Kul come under the authority of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes, which also receives the city of Strumica and its surroundings).

They infected the Bulgarian society with primitive and complex messages such as those that "the moon is Macedonian", that "after bathing, a Macedonian becomes a Bulgarian"... and let's not list similar insulting suggestions for the Bulgarian himself. These are essentially the mirror images that Serbian and Greek propaganda have been imposing for 150 years in Aegean and Vardar Macedonia about the Bulgarians. From the "fat-headed Bulgarians" in Greece to the "Bulgarian-Tatars" in Macedonia and Serbia.

After 1989, a rather large community of successful Macedonians was built in Bulgaria itself. Today in Bulgaria, Macedonians welcome patients in the wards of major hospitals, they operate on you, they marry you, they baptize your children, they are among the best PR people, and there are them in the artistic and musical community. They are managers of large companies, including international ones in Sofia.

Who are they? Why don't you know them? Why are they not talked about? When they are given the floor - the conversation is purely professional, not about their background, but about their successes.

You don't know them because they are the authentic pillars of good relations between Bulgaria and Macedonia. They are the real opponents of Serbian and Greek hegemony. They are not complex and are not ashamed of their origins. BUT, they do not want to be used for the impure "patriotic goals" of supporters of foreign projects that poison the souls of people on both sides of the border.

In Bulgaria, there are societies of various foreigners - Palestinians, Syrians, English, Chinese, and even Indians, but there are no Macedonians. Why is that? The answer is very simple! They had built at the beginning of the 20th century in each city their own MACEDONIAN HOUSE, which began to collapse in 1934, after 1944 it was banned, and after 1989 it was privatized. If we trace the participants in this process, we will notice the indisputable consistency in their "takeover" by pro-Serbian, pro-Yugoslav, pro-Russian, or pro-Greek elements.

In a different period, the pseudo-patriots who destroyed the Macedonian brotherhoods and abused their bloody fate, 1934 called the Macedonian Bulgarians "terrorists", after 1944 - "fascists", and after 1989 - "UDBA agents" (editor's note: UDBA is Serbian State Security). They were never concerned about the fate of the Bulgarians. Even today, they need Macedonian Bulgarians who have suffered, not to protect them, but to cover up the crimes they commit against the Bulgarian state. And of course to accumulate riches from the seized. /BGNES

Lyubcho Neshkov, BGNES News Agency